Friday, June 13, 2014

March 12, 2013

          “The world is sick and suffering.  The wounded souls grope in the dark trying to find satisfaction and meaning in life.  My light is diffused by heresy and lack of faith on the part of My elected ones.  How I grieve for the world’s pitiful condition!  I see the suffering children, the abandoned elderly, the dejected and shamed homeless ones, the addicted, the promiscuous ones … How sad this makes My loving heart!

          There is power in My name, but how seldom My name is spoken in love.  I am mishandled and abused constantly.  Man rejects My mercy.  Evil overpowers man because he has chosen the dark ways of the earth.

          Man must flow into God, let himself be overcome by God’s goodness.  He must surrender to Love’s appeals.  In his pride, man believes he can save himself.  I am the Savior, the only road to eternal life with God.  I am the humble Servant – Son of God, deliverer of earth’s captives.

          Call upon Me and I will deliver you.  All you must do is ask.  I will hear your request and reply quickly, for My love compels Me to draw all men into My most sacred heart.

          I love all of you so much, men of earth.  I gave My life for you, to deliver you from evil.  What more can I say or do to prove My great love to you?”

Jesus, the Rejected Savior

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