Sunday, August 7, 2016

August 7, 2016

          “The world has turned its back on Me.  The light is being extinguished.  Men reject the true light because their deeds are evil.  The light is smoldering in My elect ones.  They are not keeping the home fires burning brightly.  They are roaming the world, distracted by so much information, the globalization of world events.

          The only force that will change this decaying world is the Holy Spirit.  Souls filled with the Holy Spirit are the powerhouses that can restore power to this world.  As electrical systems shut down when hit by lightning, so the lights in the world have been shut down.  There are no working generators to restore the power.  Only My Spirit can bring electricity back to the power lines.

          Many of My children are trying to restore the power by natural means – by words, by activities, by allurements.  This does not work.  Only supernatural things will ignite My light in souls.  Only souls filled with My Holy Spirit can change the atmosphere of the world.

          The Holy Spirit cannot dwell in impurity.  He flees the impure.  The life must change.  Repentance must precede a life change.

          Humble yourselves before Me, O Christian souls.  Repent.  Turn away from evil.  Destroy the idols in your life.  Flee all impurity.  Dedicate your time to Me.  Make time for prayer.  Worship Me instead of your freedom.

          Wake up, souls.  The darkness has formed over the land.  I need light bearers to rekindle the light.  Where are you, holy souls of courage?  The world needs you.”

Jesus, Seeker of Souls
Willing to Lose Their Lives in This World
For the Kingdom of Heaven


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