Friday, July 1, 2016

July 1, 2016

          “The heart of an apostle is linked to My Heart.  We have the same desires – the conversion of the world to God’s holiness.  Time is God’s opportunity to carve souls into saints.  It is a gift given to men leading to eternal life.

          Man has abused the gift of time since the Garden of Eden.  He has used time to gather riches, enjoy pleasures, and seek happiness.  He does not see time as a gift and a grace from God.  Time is given to you to perfect your soul in holiness, to become pure like the angels, to overcome the tests and trials of life to prove yourself wise before God.

          Men waste time on meaningless activities to entertain themselves, to indulge themselves, to forget about the realities of eternity.  They go forth daily seeking amusements and ways to make the minutes fly by uselessly.

          I created time as a device to save your soul for an eternity with Me, to be a faithful member of My family, to enjoy My presence forever.  Your life goal is to use time to your advantage by investing in eternal realities.

          The remedy for this slothfulness is prayer and self-examination.  Come before Me in humility and thank Me for the gift of time.  Ask Me how to use time wisely and I will explain the value of every moment seeking My face.

          The time is short.  Death waits for no one.  No one can control their time of exit from this earth.

          Become wise, My children.  Stop.  Look at your life.  How have you spent the past years of your life?  How do you want to spend your very few remaining years?

          The wise in heart will heed these words.  The foolish will continue to squander the precious gift of time, throwing it away in nonsense.

          Be wise, My children.  Be wise.”

God’s Son

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