Friday, July 1, 2016

August 12, 2015

          “The blood of Jesus cleanses us from all sin.”

          Who in these days speaks of My blood, which was used to purchase the souls of men, the price of man’s redemption?

          There is much talk in these days of pathways to the divine, but there is little talk of My redeeming blood that was shed for the sins of the world.

          My shed blood was carried into the holy presence of God by angelic ministers.  This blood is the efficacy for man’s sinful condition.  “Without shedding of blood, there is no remission for sin.”

          Mankind does not want to think or talk about alarming subjects such as blood and crucifixion.  These troubling topics are off limits to the world’s way of thinking.  Man does not think as God thinks.  He is limited in his thought processes and perceptions.  It is an act of faith to believe in the power of the blood of Jesus.

          My human blood was shed on earth as ransom for My kidnapped children.  Sin had kidnapped them and had held them captive.  I bought their release with My blood.  It is through this blood that man has access to My Father.

          “When I see the blood, I will pass over them…”  The Israelites were saved from the angel of death by the blood of the lamb sprinkled on the lintels of their homes.  Even today, when My Father sees My blood sprinkled on the hearts of My children, He grants them access to the heavenly kingdom.

          In your prayers for souls, remember to speak of My blood to My Father.  This blood is your passport to heaven.  This blood will wash away your sins. This blood will heal your blindness and anoint your eyes with eyesalve so that you can see clearly.

          My blood is powerful!”

Blood Donor for the Human Race

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