Wednesday, June 29, 2016

November 19, 2009
         “Love makes a man’s soul a precious jewel in the eyes of God.  Love strips the soul of the earthly veil that blinds him to the eternal.  God’s love, like a leaping flame, expunges and purifies every thought and intent of the heart.

          What is love?  Love is God.  You can call Him “God-Love”.

          God’s love created all that exists.  His love is like the ocean, teeming with life, bountiful and beautiful, ever-changing yet ever new, splashing forth His waves of bounty and purity.

          God’s love is abundance and creative action.  It springs forth creating every imaginable undertaking.  God’s love surrounds man’s existence.  Every breath is the God force of love keeping the soul in existence.  Souls swim in God’s love every moment of their lives, though many try to drown themselves to escape the ocean’s pull.

          Man does not understand because he does not listen.  The silence will teach you about God’s love, for silence is God’s language.  In your silence is your wisdom.  In your silence is your peace.  Cling to the silent in your life.  Forcefully drive away the noise which produces chaos and confusion.  God’s love is enkindled anew in the silence of your heart.  Search for the silence in this world given over to the deafening noise.  Man in his pride cannot control his spirit, so he rushes around making very loud noises to hide behind.

          God seeks a tranquil spirit, free of noise, silent and pure.  He surrounds, permeates, and infiltrates these perceptive souls with His love which lights up their countenance.  These are My glowing saints, My “saints in light” sending out My rays of light to the world.

          Follow in the footsteps of your suffering yet joyful silent Savior.”

                                    The Holy Spirit of Truth,
        He Whom You Invoke for Mercy and Grace


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