Wednesday, June 29, 2016

November 24, 2009

          “My heart is drawn to a soul that lovingly acknowledges My Presence.  As I am universally present to every soul, there is no need to manifest My glory, but on special occasions My heart compels Me to show Myself to the eyes of faith.

          Little is known of My heart’s intents as souls ponder their own spirituality.  Those that think of Me and My feelings are very few.  These are the souls that do not need to see Me with bodily eyes, yet My love begs Me to reveal Myself to them before the time of revelation.  In a spontaneous gesture of tenderness, I let Myself be seen.

          In a world so enamored by superficial beauty, the wounds of My love are a stark contrast.  Yet these are the wounds I received in the house of My friends.  These wounds purchased eternal life for the chosen souls.

          I humble Myself under the hands of every priest My Father has ordained.”


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