Wednesday, June 29, 2016

July 8, 2015
          “You are trying to serve Me and only one thing is necessary and that is your love for Me.  When you love someone, they become your continual focus.  Your heart is so drawn to them that life fades away around you.  Each contact throws more kindling on the fire

          Lovers make time for each other.  They talk, dream, and express their souls to each other.  They become united as one in purpose.

          As your love for Me grows, life’s distractions dissipate slowly. Your interests in the world slowly grow dim as you reach out to the eternal sunrise.

          Your love for Me grows when you think of Me, spend time in My presence, lift your eyes and your heart up to Me, and when you say, “I love You, my Jesus.”  These are diamond drops to My ears.  Love pulls Me to you so forcefully when you express your love to Me.

          “Jesus, Mary, I love You!  Save souls!”  The mantra of the Littlest Ones is music to My ears.  Speak this until it becomes your second nature.  Every time you speak My name, I shower My blessings and graces upon your soul.  Each word of love is an encapsulated rainbow of glory that I will adorn you with forever.

          Love Me and life will become the greatest adventure you could ever dream of, for I am the Author of life and I know all the secrets of the Godhead where pure joy reigns.”

Rainbow of Glory

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