Friday, October 9, 2015

June 28, 2015

          “Life is a series of beginnings and endings.  The path veers off in different directions according to My Father’s will.  It is your task to stay on course in complete willingness and trust.  You are not guiding the ship; God is.  You must acquiesce to the various disturbances, sacrifices and circumstances of daily living, maintaining a serene equilibrium which is nothing other than complete trust and abandonment.

          How carefree your life could be if you put all your trust in the Guide of your life!  You could rejoice in every mundane occurrence, knowing that all is working together for good in your regard.

          At this late stage of the game, the ending days of your life, can you spend them in serenity and trust?  Can you joy in the wonders of your God?  Can you appreciate all He has done for you throughout your life?  Can you sing an appreciative love song as you go about your days?

          Planning and worrying are wasting the precious hours that could be spent in joy-filled living.  In heaven no one is worried.  There is complete trust; therefore, the singing is incessant.  A cheerful, contented heart sings like a bird daily.

          Your heavenly Father loves you and has given you all good things to enjoy.  Show your appreciation by singing melodies in your heart unto the Lord.”

Singer’s Joy




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