Friday, October 9, 2015

October 9, 2015

          “Look at My beautiful earth – gifts from My kind hand.  All on earth is gift from God.  Does man realize what a gracious and beneficent and loving Father he has watching over him?  How I long to pour out countless blessings on mankind, yet they reject all My offerings!  They choose to live life on their own terms without My interference.

          What they do not understand is that My offer to them is abundant life, victorious daily living, joy beyond expression, confidence amid life’s turmoil and an eternity of bliss – yet they reject all I have to offer.  They turn away from Me in disgust.  They are prodigals running away from the source of all they have ever been given.  I understand their frailty and ignorance.  I wait for them just like the father and the prodigal son.  I let them realize that life is futile without a connection to My divine life.  I subtly introduce gifts and graces to prod them to remember Me.  I am so patient and compassionate toward them.  They are unruly children, discovering the world for themselves.  They seek to be free of a restraining parent.

          Ultimately, life will disappoint them terribly.  Tragedies, losses, sorrows, bad decisions – these hidden graces will make them stop to reconsider their direction in life.  And there I will be waiting at the crossroad, hoping that they will choose My road of abundant life and love.  “I will forgive them and love them freely,” for My mercy is exhaustive and compelling.  I will welcome My errant children into My kingdom, wiping away their tears and soothing their regrets.

          The world thinks I am a mean God.  How they misunderstand My heart of love.”

 Your Loving Father
Who Communicates His Heart To You



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