Thursday, April 23, 2015

March 15, 2015

          “Time is My gift to you.  It is the money you use to buy eternal life with Me.  How you spend your time determines your eternal destiny.

          If you spend your time on earth with Me, I will make you a saint fit for heaven.  If you spend your time on earth chasing earthly dreams that fade away, you will miss a most beautiful eternal future in glory.

          Time runs quickly on earth.  A lifetime is given as a gift at birth by God and then it seems that it is over before it has begun.  It is in those moments from birth to death that you determine your destiny.

          It is a matter of choice and self-discipline.  You choose to serve God and then you fight yourself to carry it out.  The flesh will desire the earthly realities that you can see with your eyes, but the spirit will know that these allurements are a mirage promising happiness.

          To do the right thing, like attending church, will appear boring to the flesh, yet the spirit sees the graces flowing from time in God’s presence with God’s people.  The flesh will desire fame and glory, popularity and praise, but the spirit knows that holiness grows in withdrawal, hiddenness and silence.  This will all be a battle during this precious commodity of time.  Which will you choose?  How will you spend your time on earth – getting to know God or pleasing yourself?

          There is no other question more important than this:  If you claim to love Me, why do you not spend time with Me?  My complaint is valid.  If I am ignored, I cannot believe that you love Me.”

Waiting for Your Time

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