Friday, April 17, 2015

April 17, 2015

          “The hours race toward eternity and mankind is racing right along with time.  Life has become a race of souls running to the next activity.  You are called in every direction to place emphasis on earthly pursuits.  How the spiritual life suffers and withers away!  The spirit receives no attention.  It is like a starved child waiting to be fed.  The body becomes fuller and fatter while the spirit withers away, dehydrated and empty.

          The souls of today have made their bodies their gods.  Everything hinges on how the outward body displays itself.  Billions of dollars are spent on bodily accessories and improvement devices.  Sadly, the body is decaying daily and someday will be rotting in a grave on earth.  All of this effort being put into this earthly shell has no lasting rewards.  It is temporary and fleeting.  Only what is sown to the spirit is eternal.

          Spiritual sowing is an ancient art in this world given over to the senses.  Quietness, meditation, simplicity, musing on life’s meaning – this is gone from the earth.  More noise, more pleasure, more recreation, more amusement … What’s next for me to enjoy during these few years given to me on earth?  Eternity is a word never spoken.  It is muffled by earth’s roarings.

          This truly is a world of souls dancing and eating on the Titanic.  The iceberg awaits to tear a hole in the ship.  There will be no remedy.  Only a few souls will enter the lifeboats, those alert and watching.  What a disaster of immense proportions!

          The warnings have been given.  Who will be wise and prudent in this age of hedonism?  Judgment Day is coming.  You cannot say that you were never warned.  My Heart is grieved, for many will not respond to My warnings.  What a sad destiny awaits those who have closed their ears to My Spirit reaching out to them.  What a sad day awaits!

Grieved for Souls

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  1. Hello My friend,

    I loved both your letter of yesterday and today. They have given me food for thought. It is good to be reminded and both articles have me pondering.
    Many thanks