Thursday, April 23, 2015

April 23, 2015

          “Only one thing is needful in your life and that is your open heart to obey, love, and serve Me.  If I have created you, it should be your duty to requite My generosity by your obedience to the designs I have for your existence. 

          Souls run through life thinking that all happens by chance.  The sun, the rain the crops that bring forth food from dirt – humanity believes these are accidental causes, always existing, with no thought for how they came to be.  Man takes absolutely everything for granted! 

          If I did not keep the globe in a revolving pattern, your world would collapse in one moment.  If the atmosphere of your earth was altered in any way, all mankind would die immediately.  If the rain stayed in the clouds, you would starve.  Does man ever stop to wonder how these things keep working in such an excellent way? 

          How futile the thoughts of men!  There is no eye for the big picture.  He stays embedded in the petty things of life living in the cage of his restricted mindset.  How foolish!  Even a child has the sense to know that a Creator lovingly fashioned the earth.  A child sees the blade of grass, the bubble in the pond, the insect on a leaf.  The adults in this generation see cars and phones and televisions and bank statements.  They have lost their vision for the important things in the world. 

          Prestige, popularity, beauty, fame – enrapturing allurements to deaden the soul to heaven’s beauty on earth.  Science, religions cropping up daily, hedonism, intellectualism, psychology, entertainment – false images of the reality of God in the world. 

          Listen to the children call you back to the beauty of the earth.  Get out of your cramped houses, your bleak buildings, your reclusive entertainments.  Run out into nature.  Raise your eyes to the heavens and ask God to restore your vision for what really matters – the eternal reality of God.

          The angels play among the landscapes of your earth.  Nature is My kingdom on earth to them.  Open your doors to the light of nature, My children.  Get out of your closed houses where you sit gazing at an electronic propaganda box.  Go outside to see if you can see My angels outside your door.  Only eyes that have acquired the vision of a child can see them.

          Trust Me; they are there.”

Angel Lover

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