Thursday, April 23, 2015

March 19, 2015

          “To come to the fountain of all wisdom with an eager spirit is the greatest grace from your God.  God is drawing you to Himself with His gentle cords of love.  So few respond to His embraces and caresses.

          To love God with all of your heart is His delight.  He desires to have loving children surrounding His glorious throne.  His peaceful creation is a glorious foretaste of the glory of heaven.  All reign there in peace and contentment, basking in the love of God.

          Man races through time, seeking adventures.  The greatest adventure in a lifetime is to plumb the depths of God.  To sit alone with God, silently pondering His creativity and merciful artistic splendors is to magnify His attributes, to render homage to the Creator of all that exists.  To walk alone with God in loving communion is the greatest of all joys on earth.

          God desires to walk in the garden of each soul He has so lovingly created.  His designs are all of love, to craft a magnificent masterpiece studded in holy splendor.  Man was made to walk with God.  In this lies all his happiness.

          Man needs a loving Father to guide his path on earth.  He needs a Consoler, a Friend, a Creator to answer his questions.  Why does man forsake his own mercy?  Why does he hide from God like Adam in the first garden?  Man was made for fellowship with his Creator.  Without this connection, he is lost.  His happiness lies in his heart of obedient love and commitment.

          If only man understood the beautiful plans in God’s heart!”

Son of the God of Love

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