Thursday, June 30, 2011


December 18, 2009

          “A loving presence lightens the atmosphere.  Even your Creator desires this closeness.  To sit with Me in expectant silence fuses our souls together in love.  You are coming to Me for your daily bread and I have truly become your loving Shepherd.

          If you but knew the joy in My heart to see My brothers and sisters seek to join Me in loving our Father!  This is a community sharing of togetherness and glory as we keep our gazes locked in the eternal embrace of love.

          Love’s essence is the most exotic and beautiful perfume, fragrancing every corner of the earth.  To deposit the gift of love into waiting hearts is the highest calling.  Let My love electrify you.  Let it burst forth in glorious splendor.  Put no limit on love’s wealth.  Invest each moment with this beautiful aroma sent from heaven’s streets.

          Darkness has settled over the cities of the world.  Only My love will scatter the black clouds of gloom that engulf the nations.  My cross of love looms gloriously in the sky, drawing souls to the safety and refuge beneath its shade.

          Behold, I come quickly and My reward of light is with Me.  This is the light of true life that enlightens every man that comes into the world.

          God’s touch imprints a brand of life on the face of the soul.  The angels recognize the seal of a soul sanctified by the fingers of God.  His hedge of protection shields them from the fiery and angry darts of the wicked ones.  To be held safe in God’s haven of refuge is no small thing in this dark and dangerous world!

          Praise your God Who loves you dearly and is always looking out for your soul’s best interests.  How God loves a pure and humble soul of goodwill manifesting faith by fidelity and perseverance!

          Love springs quickly and joyously from a pure and humble heart to pierce the darkness with weapons of glorious praise.”

Praiser of God’s Magnificent and
Wondrous Glories and Graces

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