Friday, June 24, 2011

June 11, 2003
          “A clean heart, washed and cleansed of sin, renewed by My Blood, the stain of sin and the world’s influence removed...  This is My desire for you.  Am I not able to do abundantly above all you ask or think?  I come to restore, to break the power of evil, to set the captives free.

          Come up to Me on the Cross and see things from My vantage point.  Surrounded by enemies who ridicule and mock Me, hanging in shame, forlorn, desolate, forsaken; you hang here with Me and feel My sorrow, My agony, My grief. 

          The world pushes Me away, but I love the world.  They misinterpret My intentions, they shun My Presence, they walk away from mercy.  How do you feel here with Me, looking down at the souls of the damned?  What could be more important than their salvation?  Houses, cars, prosperity, entertainment, beauty?  I had one purpose - to give My life for the world.  Nothing else mattered to Me but obeying, adoring and glorifying My Father.   My eyes were fixed on the holy life of sacrifice.  I kept My body in subjection.  I nurtured and tended the garden of My Heart, the temple of the Holy Spirit.

          “God alone” was My song from the rising of the sun to the midnight hour.  The world’s values were meaningless to Me - dust scattered at the slightest movement.

          Keep yourself here on the Cross with Me.  This way you will always see clearly.  Your vision will not be distorted by your self-love and self-will.

          I gave Myself for you.  Will you give yourself to Me?  Stay here with Me in your heart.  Hear Me faintly whisper to you throughout the day.  “We are in this together for the salvation of men.”

          “Who will go for us?” I heard, and I came forward.  “Here am I.  Send me.”

          “I delight to do your will, O my God.  Your law is within My Heart.”

          My Cross opens up your eyes to the eternal.”

Jesus, the King of Glory

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