Friday, June 24, 2011

February 14, 2011
          “The love of God descends sweetly upon a tender heart of goodwill.  There is no striving in love.  God pours His love upon you as a gentle dew from heaven, the fragrance lingering upon your surroundings.  His light shines from your countenance as a gentle lamp of love, lighting your steps with ethereal luminosity.

          The beauty of the angels is their love for God.  His joy fills their countenance.  They are sons of God, sons of radiance.  God has illuminated them with His Essence.  They are a glorious sight to behold.  I am trying to make angels of My children – pure beings of light to manifest the glory of God to the nations.  In purity and holiness, the glory of God streams from a holy soul.  As they lift their face to heaven in continual communion, the light of heaven’s glory refines their countenance, making it shine with God’s light of love.

          There is so little purity of heart in the world.  My children have become contaminated and soiled.  They have wandered into the world’s ways and have lost all power to serve Me in holiness.  They have forsaken their missions from God to serve the world’s system.  They have wandered from the fold like errant sheep, stumbling in the open fields of sin, trying to satisfy earthly desires and cravings which will never bring them happiness.

          I am the Good Shepherd, constantly running after My sheep to bring them back to safety, yet they reject My pleas.  They are not interested in purity and holiness.  They have lost their taste for heaven.

          It takes great courage and great love to turn your back on the world which is constantly displaying its sensual wares.  The flesh is weak and succumbs easily.  To those that love Me I will give the power to avoid evil, the insight to reject all that is not God, and the understanding to choose God’s way.

          Little sheep of My flock, do not wander off.  My hands were torn when I rescued you from hell.  Do not cause more bleeding by refusing to stay with Me.  I offer you all that is beautiful and good.  Choose life.

Shepherd Jesus

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