Friday, June 24, 2011

December 15, 2010

          “The candles burn beautifully in a darkened place to light up the area gloriously.  Even so, My people of the light span the earth as glowing adornments of My existence.  They light up the hidden corners where oppression captivates hearts, blinding them to truth.  They bring warmth and liveliness to problems long bewailed.  They bring hope to the hopeless sitting alone in the darkness of their own making.  Their light shines brightly on the sinful works of men, exposing the hideousness of shameful deeds.

          They are tranquil and serene as they journey through the crossroads of life.  There is no need to speak loudly because their glowing light speaks louder than any human word. 

          I came into the world as the bearer of light.  My light abides in My chosen ones and they, too, become light bearers.  The more pure the heart, the more transparent the body.  My light shines out most brightly in a purified soul.

          The more holy a soul, the more humble and quiet they appear to be, for holiness and humility are brothers in arms.  My children do not strive for attention for they know that My subtle fragrance is perceived best in obscurity and silence.

          Let the world shout out around you.  Remain hidden in My heart, ministering to My need to be consoled.  Be the gentle candle of luminosity that I created you to be, a light in the darkness, seen but not heard.

          My light manifests itself in gentle smiles, thoughtful touches and an arresting presence.  There is no need to look for ploys or heroics to get people’s attention.  Remain hidden in the corner, a bonfire of My holiness, waiting to be discovered by those that seek God.”

Jesus, Light of the World

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