Friday, June 24, 2011

June 6, 2011

          “Thank you for spending these early morning hours with Me.  The hours of teaching are the most important moments of your life.  All else is temporal and passing.  As you contemplate the Divine One, you open your mind to the reality of your existence which is to seek the eternal.

          Man is choked by the passing glories of the world.  Like a river dammed up by debris, he remains in a state of flux, swirling endlessly against the embankment of his vices and worldly pleasures.  He cannot rise above the blockage to proceed peacefully down the river of life to the great ocean of divinity, which is My presence eternally.  In the silence, I unblock all the passages.  I clear the river of all debris.  I reveal eternal truths and bring the abundance of peace and joy to the troubled soul.

          To allow heaven’s truths to pierce your soul, you must remain recollected and still.  “Be still and know that I am God.”  I reveal Myself to quiet souls.  In silence and peace, I reveal Myself to the hungry heart.  I invite the weaned soul to enter the depths of My intimacy, My Sacred Heart.

          Little children, stop; sit quietly at My feet; quiet your mind; do not question or probe.  Sit very quietly and you will learn of Me.  Do not reason or try to form your own spiritual ideas.  Sit as a tiny child before Me, ready to receive My words of love.  Then you will come to know Me as I am.  Without this stillness, you perceive who you think I am, but you do not know Me.  You know your own perceptions.

          As you recognize your nothingness apart from My gaze that keeps you in existence, you truly become what I desire – humble, meek, loving and trustful children, obedient and loyal, faithful and devoted, loving the good, hating the evil as I do, and then I can mold you into a vessel fit for the Master’s use.

          It is all so simple.  Quiet yourself.  Seek My presence in solitude.  I promise you that I will reveal Myself to you.”

Lovingly, the Blessed Trinity

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