Friday, June 24, 2011

June 7, 2011

          “To love Me with a passionate love is to enter the gates of glory before death.  To be pierced by My sweet arrow of love is to expire the breath of earthly life to then inhale the breath of heaven.  To open your heart fully to the love of an infinite God is a supernatural experience.  It is a ravishing of the soul, as an eagle swoops upon its prey, soaring to the highest heaven to display his prowess.

          To adore your God in silence is a gift wrapped in the purest gold wrapping.  I seek love from My children.  I seek their loving presence, their attentiveness, their child-like, trusting hearts smiling so tenderly at Me!

          Souls seek to offer Me gifts of earth, as Cain did.  But I seek the gift of love, Abel’s sacrifice, the heart of flesh crucified for love of Me, given in great gratitude and humility.

          In the silence you will hear heaven.  You will know even as you are known.  You will be transformed into an icon of grace, a model of divine purity, reflecting the Savior’s rays from your eyes.

          Learn to love Me.  Let Me teach you how to love Me.  Sit still before Me, while I infuse you with My holiness.  Be the expectant child receiving the king’s treasures in silence and humility.

          “Faith is the evidence of things not seen …”  Believe that I am adorning you with My jewels from heaven, creating your bridal dress for the wedding feast.

          In your silence is your beauty.”

Jesus, Solitary Lover

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