Friday, June 24, 2011

January 3, 2011
          “O suffering souls of the world, come to Me that you may be healed and restored to the beauty I purchased for your soul.  Sin desecrates, mars, and ruins the beauty of a human soul.  It twists and scars and thwarts the will of God.  It distorts perfection, wounds, and scandalizes, and brings much sorrow and confusion.  Men choose to walk in great darkness because their deeds are evil.  I come bearing the light of life, but men run away to pursue the darkness.  They have hidden themselves in the caves of the earth, in the dens of iniquity where the light no longer shines.

          I try to coax them out of hiding, but they refuse My earnest help.  What more can I do for the sons of men?  I have given all My human blood as an offering to expiate their sins in the eyes of My all-holy Father.  I have descended to earth to live among them, to become one of them so as to lead them home to My Father’s kingdom.  I have wept and grieved over their hardness of heart as I looked out over Jerusalem and wept tears of distress.  I see the children in the streets, so hungry for God, with no one to show them the way.  I see souls on the side of the road begging for money, reduced to a life of imprisonment by drugs or alcohol, with no release or hope.  I see mothers raising children alone while the father, the high priest over the family, has abdicated his God-given heritage.  I see Hollywood making great efforts to please the sensual appetites of souls thirsty for My true love.

          Detachment and renunciation are words never used in this world obsessed with possessions and sensual gratification.  Hedonism abounds as souls throw off all restraint in their lusts.  I call out through My chosen ones day and night; “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand”, yet souls are dulled to truth.  My chosen ones expiate through sorrow and suffering as the sins of the world rise higher and higher in intensity.

          Wake up, world.  The end is near.  I have lifted up My voice to you for centuries.  Heed the cries of the prophets as they call you to repentant faith.

          The message is the same and it is very clear – “Repent, children of men, repent.”

Jesus, Advocate for Truth

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