Thursday, June 30, 2011

December 7, 2009

          “Sweetness, charm, purity, kindness, pure joy, beauty, love, wise, maternal, self-effacting – these are words to describe most holy Mary.  Her compassionate heart yearns to impart the holiest of gifts to her children.

          Roses, lilies, and all fragrant flowers perfume their surroundings.  The Blessed Virgin is a perfume most excellent, scenting the winds of heaven and earth.

          She is My model of holiness, the daystar to direct souls to My Son, Jesus.  I delight in her virtues.  Her beauty captivates Me.  I acquiesce sweetly to her requests for grace and mercy.  She is a great beacon of light opening holy pathways to eternity.

          I have honored and exalted her for she suffered My Son’s Passion in dignity and love.  I honor all those that honor her, for she is the delight of My heart.

          She is peace.  Come to her when you are troubled.  She will quickly take you to Jesus for healing.  Her gentle acceptance will heal your soul of all anxiety and fear.”
Your Loving Father

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