Friday, June 24, 2011

December 24, 2010
          “Each time you receive My holy Body and Blood in Communion, you are changed into love.  Ever more and more you become My vessel of love bearing My holiness to souls lost in the perilous sea of life.  It is a gradual awakening, a permeating presence, silently re-creating every cell in your human body.  My Body and Blood are of another realm and as they enter human restrictions, they divinize and perfect the face of the heart.

          I am Love and I can only love.  God is love and he that loves abides in God’s heart.  To love is to sacrifice all your self-interests to Love’s call of renunciation.  To renounce all that is not God is to live in a constant state of Love’s embrace.  Do not look beyond your heart where I reside.  Live with Me in solitude in the cell in your heart, the cell you have furnished so beautifully with the carpets of good deeds.

          All is not what it seems.  To know me in truth will take you to another vantage point with which to view Me.  Your preconceptions will be dashed by My simplicity.  Life is truly letting Me walk in your shoes this day – no more and no less.  Losing your life in this world opens up the door to My world.  In My world of perfect peace, all is well.  I know My Father’s love.  I rest in His peace.

          To love Me is to approach the Father with Me.  In unity, we praise our Father together as one voice.  Your prayer becomes My prayer.  Your life becomes My life.  Doesn’t Scripture say that God desires that you walk humbly with Him?

          To lose yourself in My love means that I become you.  Where you walk, I walk.  When you talk, it is I speaking.  Your thoughts are My thoughts.  The simplicity of these words has not been penetrated by the children of men.  They look beyond the truth of letting Me prolong My humanity through them because they seek knowledge through pride.  To become a little child means to become humble, to be known for a dependent weakness that men resist.

          Forget all you think you know, sons of men.  Come to Me as a child, knowing nothing, claiming nothing but My love for you.  I will not be able to resist your humility.  I will come to you quickly.”

Jesus, Child Lover

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