Thursday, June 30, 2011

December 14, 2009

          “Do you not yet realize that I am infinity?  I am so far beyond all your imaginings!  How My little souls limit Me by their narrow perceptions of Me!  They see Me from their own small world view gleaned from their short life experience.  They expect everything to proceed in the way that they know.  Their knowledge is so limited and confined.

          I am infinity and beyond, limitless, beyond expansion.  Colors are infinite.  Thoughts are infinite.  There is no end to this rushing stream of God’s infinite nature.  Yet man constructs a little box around his little world.  He hides inside this box with his own formula of existence.  And then he wonders why he gets depressed and despondent??

          I have not made man to hide in his shell like a turtle, his own constructed house on his back, his familiar hiding place always at hand.  I have made man to soar into the heavenlies beyond human thought or adulation.

          The Holy Spirit works to take souls out of their “comfort zone” that He might wean them from their earthly mindset.  He uses various situations, difficulties and trials to cause them to extricate themselves from their houses which have truly become their prisons.  He lures them outside, away from all they think they know, to show them the broad and infinite span of the sky above them.

          Most souls receive from me what they expect from Me.  Their expectations are set so low because of their narrow faith.  “Without faith it is impossible to please God.”  “According to your faith, let it be done unto you.”

          Ask God for the gift of faith.  Faith will open your mind to the endless ages of eternity.  Your own thinking will seem so dull and small when you contemplate the Infinite One.

          “I AM.”  There are no better words to describe Me.  I am indescribable in human terms.  Though “I AM”, I call the little and the lowly to Myself, those that “are not.”  One smile from one of My lowly ones brings great joy to My heart.  I recreate worlds with that one smile.

          O, if only My people knew My goodwill toward them!  They would run to Me instead of running away from Me all the time.

          Ask the “I AM” to draw you into His infinite world beyond time.  “Ye have not, because ye ask not.”  Expect more from Me and you shall receive more.  Ask in faith or you will not receive.

          Open your mind to the glories of heaven – life with God, incarnated for man in lowly love and kindness. 

          Open all the closed doors in your life to Me.  I will bring you into the infinite domain.”

Ruler of the Heavenly Realm

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